Monday, January 21, 2008

Losing 3 and Gaining 1 Roomate!

I'm moving out THIS weekend!! I am moving in with one of my best friends, Ariana - and of course Vito is coming with me!! I cant wait! I will be in a house this time, so I am sure that I will like it WAY more then the cramped ol' apartment, and I know I'm gonna like having a roommate too! I'm going to miss going over to my sisters after work to visit my baby niece, Karys, but I am ready to move out. :) YAY! I cant believe its SO SOON!!!! so thats what I will be doing this weekend - Tim and Brian are both helping, and then I am hoping to go to Ikea and get some curtains, nightstands, and other misc. things I will need :) SO EXCITED!

Me and my new Roomie!!!


Anonymous said...

Rach-el, find diff pic, I look terrible, like the hunch back of notre dame, haha

Stephanie said...

Karys will miss you.

I'm cracking up at AA's response to you above! Hunch back...haha!

Mom said...

It's going to be extra quite around the house...I know your going to miss me