Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Bragging

Last night I had to stop over and see my little baby niece before I went out of town - she is just SO cute and I knew I wouldnt see her on Sunday... She loves her Aunt Rachel too, she likes it when I play with her on her kitchen set :) well last night, she KISSED me!!!! It was SO cute!!! I was sitting next to her, about to leave and Stephanie told her 'Kiss Kiss' and she opened her mouth around mine! she is just the cutest little girl!!! Even Stephanie and Tim were shocked because she usually only kisses Elmo... they just dont realize how much she loves her Aunt Rachel :)

And she sent ME her very first text message! She got a hold of Stephanie's cell phone (she LOVES cells phones for some reason) and she somehow managed to send me a text message! it said '.a' AWWW!!! I locked it on my cell phone so that I wouldnt accidently erase it - she is such a sweetheart!

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Stephanie said...

My child is brilliant! She can send texts and give kisses to whomever she deems worthy :) I still can't believe the text. Nor can I believe you saved it! Haha! Have fun in NY - Little Bit will be excited to see you when you get back! xoxo