Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football Leagues

For many years, people have tried to get me into Fantasy Football, but I never had the slightest bit of interest... until this year. My cousin, Valerie was in a league, Sunday's Best, that needed a couple extra players, so I thought why not?
I loved coming up with my name, it's Harry Potter inspired, of course! My name in all the leagues is Felix Felicis. For all of you who are not HP Fans, Felix Felicis is the potion for Liquid Luck!

The draft was so much fun, that we decided to create a family league as well. My BIL, Tim, set it up and came up with the name No Experience Necessary (with one division called Spaghetti, and the other one Meatballs - oh so clever).

Then I was invited into a Survivor League (I Will Survive)...

And then a weekly Pick 'Em League (NFLMoyerMadness10)....

So basically, I went from playing in zero leagues, to playing in 4 different leagues in a matter of a week! I was a little overwhelmed...

I did horrible in the Survivor League and was out after the second week (thanks Dallas, you just gave me MORE reason to hate your dumb team....)

I missed the first week of the Pick 'Em League, but I am still hanging in there pretty good. I am above the average, so that works for me!
The No Experience Necessary League (family league).... I started out strong and then took a quick turn for the worst and nose-dived into 9th place... didn't even make playoffs!

The Sunday's Best League completely took me by surprise. I was winning almost all my games (only lost 2 the whole season) and when playoffs started, I was ranked at #1!!! I was so nervous going into last night's game because it determined who won the league... and guess what? I DID!!!! I came in First Place!!

Since this was a free league, I won bragging rights.
YAY ME!!!!
And here is some FF Humor :)
I am so excited and so hooked on Fantasy Football now! It actually made the games fun for me and I learned who some of the players are!!!


Stephanie said...

So proud of you! And now you LIKE football! Yay!

Stephanie said...

Yay!! I love FF!
I totally bombed this year, and I'm pretty sure I used most of those excuses in the cartoon! LOL
I might have to join one of your leagues next year..I played with strangers and one friend this year and it just wasnt the same! :(