Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Card Display

I didn't have a place to display all the Christmas Cards I was receiving, so I decided to make one! I wrapped a piece of cardboard with some wrapping paper and criss-crossed some ribbon and voila!
It's not very big, but it does the trick! Except now that I have so many, they aren't fitting... any other ideas??


Krystyn said...

Very cute. I hung a ribbon across some curtain rods like a sash and then stapled the cards to it.

Stephanie said...

That is super cute!!
I just took a pic of all mine last night, I just havent posted it!
We just tape ours to the pantry doors in the kitchen!

Emily said...

That's really cute! You're so creative. I just have mine on my mantle. Maybe you can make another one to hang all your other cards on.

Mom said...

Wow, very creative....I like it, do you want to make your mom one?

Stephanie said...

Bring some of that creativity to my house. Will you hem the drapes in Blake's room? For your nephew? :)