Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas at Rachel & Vito's!

Can you believe all of those boxes are full Christmas decorations?? It's a good thing I have a large storage space!

My Tree!

(Thanks Mom and Daddy for giving me your old tree. Thanks Colin for helping to set it up. Thanks to Stephanie and Tim for letting me borrow your old ornaments!!) View 2The table is set! (I made that reindeer last year - so proud of him!!) My Christmas Village!! I didn't have enough space for all my pieces :( but I think it turned out pretty good :)Isn't my Mistletoe Gorgeous??? I saw it at Kirklands and fell in love with it! Now I just need a boy to kiss under it! hahaI absolutely love my Nativity Scene!Here it is all set-up! My 'Mantel' (since I don't have a fireplace)

Close Up - isn't that train adorable?!!

I get so happy every time I walk in the door now! I love this time of year!!


MOM said...

Your place looks so festive and warm, just beautiful honey, but I don't think you need a boy under the mistletoe b/c that would be considered a "child" where your need a MAN!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, it looks so pretty!! You did a great job with everything!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

You did a great job. Wish I had a bit more Christmas Spirit in me. Vito is one lucky boy.

Stephanie said...

Love this time of year! Your place looks great! I still need to hang my mistletoe :)

And I thought we found a "boy" for you to kiss under it. Hahahahahaha.....