Monday, March 9, 2009

Muggle Monday's

****NEW TRAILER!!!****
The WB Released a new trailer for Half-Blood Prince! It focuses on the Darkness of the movie, the challenge Harry must face, and the becoming of Lord Voldemort! Click here, if that doesnt work click here! I get chills everytime I watch it!!! I cannot WAIT for this movie!!!
Deathly Hallows Part 2
I recently reported that the 2nd part of Dealthy Hallows would be released in May 2011, however Warner Brothers made a statement saying they have pushed back the release to July 15, 2011.

Harry Potter Exhibition's
It looks like the Potter Exhibition in Chicago has been a huge success, causing the museum to extend the Harry Potter Exhibit!! I hope they come to Houston, because I will SO be there! Here are a few pics from the exhibit
The TriWizard Cup
Maurders Map
Buck Beak
There is a store in the making in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! In the town of Hogsmeade, there is a store called Dervish and Banges. The newsletter description of the new store is:

Dervish and Banges supplies the Wizarding community with school supplies, Quidditch gear, and magical, wizarding equipment. Here you can purchase authentic and unique items from the world of Harry Potter.From the picture I can see Hermione’s dress she wore to the Ball in GOF, Quiddditch Robes, Hedwig’s Cage, a Rememboral, House Scarves, a Crystal Ball, a book or journal, the Sorting hat, Brooms, etc…
however, I am not sure what the scary Clown is… the only clown I remember in the books is the one that appears in GOF during Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Lupin when they are learning to fight off a Bogart.

UPDATEI had reported this extremely sad story back in June about Rob Knox, who won a part in the HPB Movie as Marcus Belby, was stabbed to death outside a bar in London trying to save his little brother. They now have convicted the killer Karl Bishop for his murder. He finished his filming in HBP just days before the stabbing, and was going to return for the DH films as well. Karl Bishop was sentenced to life - thank goodness he is off the streets! Thoughs and prayers to Rob's family and friends....

129 Days until the Release of Half-Blood Prince!!

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