Monday, March 2, 2009

I Heart Texas

The one and only pic I have from Rodeo Cook-Off?? It pretty much explains the night :) I just love Rodeo Season!Sorry for the picture quality... you would think the iphone would have a better camera!


Cara said...


I heart TX too. :)

Krystyn said...


Em was there with my parents...and my in-laws, too!

Too funny!

Glad to see that shot and not one a couple hours later.

Stephanie said...

Oh Lord. No shots for me thanks! :)

Emily said...

Love the pic! I didn't take any but the peole I went with did. I will post them soon...gotta love the Lone Star State!

Stephanie said...

Love it!!!
This was the first year in 8 years that I was not there :(
I sure love rodeo time in Houston!!!
Cant wait for Keith Urban!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

lol, that's great and I can see your blog!!!!!

laneypoo said...

Love the blog. I've saved it in my favorites so I can officially begin stocking you. Oh I kid! Great job with background and title, it's super.

Have a good weekend, and tell B hi!

p.s. You're funny!
p.s.s Now you better remember to drink your H2O today, you hear? =)

Darrin said...

HA!!! That's me in Vegas when I go on my boys only trip in May!!