Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Because today is Thanksgiving, I decided to make my Thursday Thirteen about it!

13 Reasons I love Thanksgiving!

1 – I get to sleep in with VITO!
2 – All my family is coming over!
3 – Love the stuffing!
4 – It’s COLD outside!! (Okay, cold for Houston!)
5 – OFF from work and school!
6 – My Aunt Laura’s crabmoose dip
7 – The aroma of food throughout the house
8 – Taking a nap after eating yummy Turkey
9 – How empty the parking lots are (I know I’m weird)
10 – CHECKMATE! (haha)
11 – The After Thanksgiving SALES!
12 – It's like the kick off to the Holiday Season - Christmas Decorations/Lights start popping up all over!
13 – Get to start listening to Christmas Music now!!!!

More Thanksgiving Humor :)

Hope everyone has a great, safe, and fun Thanksgiving Holiday!


Stephanie said...

I see you went back in time about 4 days :) Glad to see you finally got your Thursday 13 up! A lot of those are my fav's too!

The Hall Family said...

I was waiting for your 13, too! Better late than never, right?