Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 5

All over London there were these cute little pubs. I am a huge pub fan! I'd take a pub over a bar any day! This is me going into one of those really cute pubs :) This is the inside of the pub - see how cute they are?? See why I am such a big fan!?! I loved them! They were all so unique.This is Kings Cross Train Station (they are getting ready to host the 2012 Olympics, which is why the rings are there - very cool to see!). If you know ANYTHING about Harry Potter, you know they come here to get to the Hogwarts Express Train...
Which is why I had to stop off at Platform 9 3/4!!! Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Express was not waiting for me on the other side...

Chris' sister told us about a new restaurant that had been featured on the Apprentice Show called The Circus, so Chris made reservations. In the middle of dinner, they would have these performers come out about every 30 minutes and put on an act. It was really entertaining!! I've never been to a restaurant like that before! Here's a sample: The bathrooms were so neat! This is the place you wash your hands - there is a sensor when you put your hand underneath the arrow (see it on the white side?) and water would come down the from the ceiling!! It was so cool, I had to take a picture! It took me a while to figure out how to wash my hands at first... and the hand dryer was the same way!

When we found out the dates we would be visiting London, Chris bought tickets for us to see Dirty Dancing! This show was SO amazing!!! I loved every second of it!! The actors danced, sang and portrayed the characters perfectly! He got us GREAT seats! This was taken without a zoom!

The final post will be coming soon!

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