Friday, June 24, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 2

Chris left early in the morning for his Visa interview at the embassy. I was meeting his Dad at the Royal Opera House a couple hours later, so I had to take my first ever train all by myself!!! His mom was kind enough to walk me to the platform and wait with me until the train came. My stop was the last one, so I couldn’t really mess it up… then I grabbed a taxi from Waterloo Station and off I went!

The Royal Opera House was so beautiful! I was so happy to have this private tour! Chris finished early with his interview and was able to come along as well.

The entire place was so pretty
I was in love with these chandeliers

We went to the Sarastro Restaurant for a cup of coffee with his Dad afterwards, and this place was like no other restaurant I had ever seen!!See what I mean??

Then we saw some school kids who asked us to answer a few questions for an assignment, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture with them! They looked so cute in their uniforms!

At lunch, Chris’ Dad ordered an ‘American Sized’ Tiramisu for me – YUM!

Then Chris and I went off to Hampton Court Palace!! It was so beautiful and HUGE!!!

The Chapel Royal

The Ceiling in the Chapel was gorgeous!

Just so you can get a feel for how huge this Palace is....

Chris and I thought it would be fun to do the Maze in the Gardens
I found our way to the center! Yay!!!

We grabbed a snack at The Albany Riverside Pub & Eating House. It was so delicious!

There were rowers practicing – it was pretty neat to watch them.

That night we hung out with Natalie and Dan again. We did facetime with my sister and decided to dress the part – Introducing the next King and Queen of England!!
Post 3 will be coming soon!!!


MOM said...

London is soo Beautiful, the King & Queen are stunning! :)

Krystyn said...

Looks like you did it all. We went to Hampton Court. I took a nap on the lawn:)

Stephanie said...

Cant believe I'm just getting around to seeing all your England posts!! Cant wait to catch up on the rest!!