Monday, August 30, 2010

Sand Crab 10K

I completed my training program (B210K) and ran my first 10K!! I know it will be by far the hardest 10K that I will ever do! It was a night run on the beach in Galveston. The sand was so brutal! On all of us!!
Part of our group! (and Vito got in this picture too, which I love!!!)
Me with the Newly Engaged Couple, Emily and David :)
Us getting ready for it to start!!
My original goal was to do this 10K without walking. I achieved that goal, however my time was kind of disappointing to me. 1:21 min. I want to do another 10K in October so that I can feel better about my time. I'm glad I did this run, but I'm glad its over!!


Krystyn said...

I heard it was so brutal, but so glad you were able to meet your goal and finish without walking.

Stephanie said...

Yay for no walking!
Still think you are all rockstars for doing this! ;)

Emily said...

Thanks for having us come along! When's the next one...on a firm surface, please:-) Although it was super tough I had a really great time! Next time I go to the beach it will be to lay in the sun and drink beer!