Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting Baby Kinley

A haven't posted in quite a while... but I recently went with my two friends Brandon and Vanessa to visit Kara & Wes, who had a sweet little bundle of joy :)

When we got there, I didn't want to put her down! And yes, Vito went too :)
The next morning I got to give her a bath!
The three girls! (my sister pointed out to me that almost exactly one year earlier, the three of us were taking this picture in Vegas! Oh how times change!!!)
Kinley became obsessed with her Baby Einstein Videos :) She was so precious!!!
I hate that Kara and Wes live so far away :( I wish I could visit them more because I know that Kinley is going to grow up so fast!!! Thanks Kara and Wes for hosting all of us!!!

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