Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wish me Luck!

With Brian's Birthday right around the corner (Jan 7th) I have entered a blog contest that would be PERFECT to win!!!
Its all about Birthday Cakes!!! If I win, I will get cake mix, icing, and a GC to Target - wish me luck - on winning and that the cake will turn out good!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Just stumbled across your blog ... Looks awesome!

Krystyn said...

Good luck...don't forget to go back and add another comment that you posted this...I'll never remember!

Stephanie said...

Is that bad if I wish you luck even though I entered too?!?! lol

lovelylalo said...

Good Luck to you FUTURE BETTY of AMERICA!

I don't do cakes, the last one I made was for my Mom many moons ago....lets just say that I had to POUR the icing on it. LOL It tasted good but it didn't look so hot.

Emily said...

Good luck! I hope you win! I had so much fun making the cake with Izzy! I love to bake...Krystyn has a picture of me 'making' cookies with Izzy when she was a little over one month old!! I love to bake with her, she gets to do the sprinkles!

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