Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Hustle & Bustle

We all know that malls are packed this time of year, so many of us turn to the internet to help make our purchases fast, easy,and convenient. In this case, my mom turned to the internet for her Christmas Present to my boyfriend, Brian.
For the last couple of days she has been talking about how she was getting worried because Brian's gift had not come in yet and she ordered it almost 2 weeks ago. I finally told her to get on-line and check the expected delivery date - she gets on-line at (store).com, types in her account name and password, and it promptly says "You have one item in your shopping bag, would you like to check out now" - She swears she purchased it, so she looks at order history - "You do not have any order history in the past 6 months" hmm, wonder why it hasn't come in yet... hahaha

I am laughing so hard I can barely speak, but of course I find a way to call both my sisters to tell them what she did. She would have been waiting for MONTHS for this order!!! So although she was trying to avoid the busy malls, she had to run out there on Christmas Eve to purchase Brian's gift.



Krystyn said...

Oh, your poor mom!

My mom did something similar...thought she bought one size, but grabbed the other (smaller size)!

Merry Christmas.

Stephanie said...

Oh that is too funny! I was stupid enough to try Katy Mills today...never again! :)
Merry Christmas!!!

MOM said...

Rachel I can't believe you put this on your blog!!!...I know I checked out and it wasn't one item I bought it was two, I really don't understand what happened, stupid internet service...I love you!

Stephanie said...

This is one of my favorite things this Christmas. Hahaha!

lovelylalo said...

I love it, plus it is something I would so do!

I am sure everything worked out in the end. Glad you told her to check on that order.

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