Sunday, October 19, 2008

100 things

In honor of my one year blog in the blogging world, I finally made a 100 things!
Happy Blogversary to me!!
1. I love Vito with all my heart
2. I have 2 amazing sisters
3. Wouldn’t trade my Mom for anything – she has become one of my best friends
4. I’m a perfectionist
5. Little bit of a control freak
6. I’m unique
7. Have a HUGE Italian family, and love it!
8. My sister got me to start blogging
9. I did 3 boot camps this summer (ouch!)
10. I am one of those people who actually likes their job
11. Graduated from UH, but consider myself a Raider
12. Sunday’s are my ‘family’ days – Go to lunch at Nana’s, then spend the day with my mom
13. My favorite color is red
14. I’m a sensitive person
15. I’m a vault
16. I’ve learned more about myself in the last 2 years then I have my whole life
17. I LOVE coffee
18. I have a niece that I think is absolutely perfect!
19. I DVR: Bold and the Beautiful, Oprah, Project Runway, So you think you can Dance?, Army Wives, Greys, Desperate Housewives
20. Just started reading again in the last year
21. I’m a sucker for romance
22. I LOVE musicals
23. Before I die, I want to skydive
24. I want to go to Italy with someone special to me
25. Only 2 kids are coming out of me – if I want a 3rd, I’ll adopt!
26. Colorado is the only state I would leave TX for
27. I’ve stopped caring about people who judge me
28. I always have to have something on my lips such as lip gloss or chapstick
29. I have wavy hair, but prefer it straight
30. I’m VERY clumsy (hints the name of the blog)
31. My older sister always called me Oddity (hints the blog name again)
32. My cousin and I are 1 month apart, but are so different
33. I’m starting to be less trusting of people
34. I love sparkly things!!
35. I wear glasses and reading glasses
36. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter (hints the MM)
37. I melt when Karys says Ro-Ro… ok, when she says ANYTHING!
38. I love and believe in God
39. I believe everything happens for a reason
40. I believe in fate
41. I wouldn’t know how to survive without my planner
42. I’m paranoid someone is going to break into my car (twice in one year will do that to you!)
43. I totaled my car last year from hydroplaning
44. I think my little sister is the sweetest of the Lundy girls
45. I love finding great deals
46. First think I do when I get home is change into lounging clothes
47. I take Vito to the PetsMart Halloween and Christmas Party every year
48. Container Store is one of my favorites – I LOVE organizing!
49. Favorite Moves are: The Notebook, Boondock Saints, Armageddon
50. I love shopping
51. Staying in bed on a rainy day is heaven
52. I heart quotes
53. I have a myspace, facebook, and blog
54. I’m terrible at posting awards on my blog (sorry guys!!)
55. I used to want a baby in 2 years, but I have changed my mind
56. I had laser hair removal – yes it hurts, yes its expensive, yes its worth every penny!
57. I pride myself in being a good gift giver!
58. I’m a terrible story teller!
59. Huge sweet tooth!
60. I think with my heart more than my head
61. I love the Twilight Series!
62. I still heart Disney Movies (and music!)
63. I could watch Sex and the City or Friends re-runs all day!
64. I used to want to be a Soap Star – but not anymore…
65. I have terrible luck
66. My eyes are my best and worst feature
67. I’ve learned that true friends are few and far between
68. I’m a worry wart
69. I work in the oil and gas industry
70. Do my own mani’s and pedi’s (only had them professionally done 3-4 times)
71. I heart personalized ringtones
72. The best book I have ever read is My Sister’s Keeper
73. I love Houston, but want to raise my family in Katy
74. I think Stephanie and my Mom know me better than anyone
75. I have 6 piercings – 2 in each ear, belly button, and my cartilage
76. I have one tattoo
77. I have had 4 eye surgeries, 2 when I was an infant, 2 in 2006
78. I’m a little lactose intolerant
79. I’m worlds worst speller
80. Vanilla is my favorite scent
81. Christmas is my favorite holiday! (Halloween and Thanksgiving are tied for 2nd)
82. I could listen to Christmas music year round
83. Driving in the rain scares me to death (see #43)
84. I’ve been a maid of honor once and a brides maid about 6-7 times
85. I love blogging and reading my friends blogs
86. I lost my best friend in 7th grade due to a car accident. She was the first person close to me to pass away.
87. I won’t change who I am to make someone else happy.
88. I do have regrets in my life (even though people say you shouldn’t)
89. I have acid reflux
90. I love the smell of men’s cologne and deodorant
91. I love Dove Chocolate over all other (and the Easter Bunny knows that too!!)
92. Growing up I always had pets – dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses… maybe that’s why I am such a huge animal lover??
93. I hate artificial grape flavored things – such as skittles, sodas, pop sickles, suckers, etc
94. I HATE Tuna with a passion – the way it looks, smells, sounds, and tastes… everything about Tuna grosses me out!
95. I recently started weight watchers
96. I worked my way through college
97. I will be debt free in less than 2 years (pretty proud of that!)
98. I’ve recently switched favorite wines to Sauvignon Blanc
99. I love making holiday crafts with my mom – and we have gotten pretty good at it too!!
100. It took me forever to think of 100 things!!!


ks rives said...

Come tell us that you want to skydive here:
click the "submit" button and send in your photo!

Krystyn said...

Fun things! It is hard to come up with 100!

I hate tuna, too! Yuck!

And, weight watchers? Really? Why?

Anonymous said...

#32...definately true! but mostly just in our hobbies! :)

Stephanie said...

Wow...I learned alot of new things about you!!
Yeah for 100 things!
I totally hate tuna and grape things, too..yuck!
Love my planner as well!
Thanks for thinking of these..its so hard to come up with them, but so fun to read them!
Happy 1 yr of blogging!

Stephanie said...

I think I pretty much knew all 100 :) I'm awesome, I know. Haha!