Monday, October 22, 2007

My Car's Revenge

A little background Info:
I just purchased my very first car on my own – I am IN LOVE with it! I bought a 2005 Mustang Convertible. I am in heaven driving my car… although; I don’t believe my car feels the same way. Anyone who knows me knows I have the worst luck in all situations. I have had my car for a total of 3 months now. I have had multiple things happen to it… First – the top was leaking, luckily it was still under warranty, but it still had to stay in the shop for a couple days :( then I accidently got into a little fender bender – again in the shop for a couple days… about 2-3 weeks ago, some low-life idiot teenager slashed the top of my poor car… so now it will be going in the shop again :(

The Revenge:
Soooo..... my car has been a little upset with me – I really think he wants his old owner back L so this morning he hit my head to give me a little reminder… hahaha

I wasn’t paying attention and banged my head against the window this morning… I didn’t even know it was bleeding until later… I put some ice on it to make the swelling go down… but its definitely going to leave a mark… haha – I’m such a klutz!


Steph said...

You are such a nerd!!

Justin said...

OH BIILLLYYYY!!!!! I'm pinching my nipples.