Friday, May 20, 2011

5K Obstacle Course Mud Run

Groupon was having a 50% off registration fee to Boondock Battle, a 5K obstacle course mud run, so I checked it out and thought it would be SO much fun!! I immediately contacted my friend Emily who ran with me in a 10K Beach run last year, as well as the 5K Turkey Trot. She thought it sounded like a blast as well, so we signed up!

This was my very first obstacle course to run. I had the best intensions on training for it, however the week that I was supposed to start a crossfit training class; I had a flare up In my eye and was on doctors’ orders not to do anything strenuous. Then after about 2 weeks, I forgot… so I completed the Boondock Battle without training… but it was not easy, and I paid for it – and I was not able to run the whole time… but nonetheless, Em and I had a lot of fun!!!

The pictures crack me up! The camera was at the very end, where they have a HUGE mud slide. Em and I asked if we could together, which they should have told us no! We ended up colliding and it did not feel all that wonderful – but again, it was fun!

Em and I coming down the mud slide:
Hitting the water at the end:Trying to get out of the mud pit: After I finished the whole course: We both agreed we will do it again next year (and I will actually train for it), and that we want to get a big group together to run it with us.
We are now signed up for the Beach Palooza in September with a large group, which is a 5K Obstacle Course on the beach in Galveston. And I fully intend to train for that one as well!


Krystyn said...

That looks awesome.

There is a Warrior Dash here that a lot of our friends participated in.

I did crack up when Em sent the pictures.

MOM said...

Looks like y'all had a blast, wish I could have been there to see this, lol

Stephanie said...

That is awesome!! Looks like a fun experience!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Looks like a blast and you look so fit! Work it!