Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Totaled...

Again! This is the second car that I have totaled from hydroplaning.
I was so sad to say bye to the Mustang, it was the first car I bought. It was such a fun car, and I'm going to miss the convertible.

Here is the damage...It was totaled because the frame was damaged (couldn't even open my driver side door!), the airbags deployed (ouch!), needed a new bumper, hood, side quarter panels, windshield, etc... you get the point...

And here is the damage to me... This is my wrist - a burn from the airbag My knee
My forearm had a deep bruise as well... that one hurt the worst..

I was on my way to Dallas for my high school friends wedding. Thankfully, I was not hurt badly and managed to make it in time for the rehearsal dinner.

Shopping for a new car isn't as much fun when you HAVE to, rather then you WANT to... I pick up my new car today... I am excited, but it's a 'smart' decision rather then a 'fun' decision... I will post pics of my new car soon!!


Stephanie said...

My goodness girl, those pics suck :(
I'm so glad you werent hurt too bad. That could have been so much worse.
I cant wait to see what you decided to get!
Joe, you are too sweet by the way! You sure do make Rachel happy!!`

Anonymous said...

:( I'm so glad you are ok!!!

Love, Jaime

Stephanie said...

I am so glad you are okay!! :( You scared me!

MOM said...

Honey, I was so glad You were ok, it could have been sooo much worse. I'm so happy your boss was sweet enough to pick you up and take you to the Collision place, I would have never found YOU!!!...,the car looks bad but you have got a great beautiful new car now! BE HAPPY!!! It was very sweet of Joe to pick you up here and drive you to Dallas, he was worried about you, now that's a good boyfriend.

Krystyn said...

Rachel- Yikes....I'm so glad it's just bumps and bruises and didn't end any other way.

You and water on the roads must be a horrible combination. Glad J was able to come and rescue you.