Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16 things - by Brian

I was tagged by Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious? I had to list 16 things about myself, but Brian had to come up with them. Like Cara, I had to comment, so my comments are in italics :)

1. love your soaps
I did go from watching 3 a day to only 1... I should get some credit for that!

2. deserts are your favorite part of any meal
I have a huge sweet tooth

3. addicted to your iphone
yes I am... It's just so much fun! and you are just jealous because now I have the cool phone!

4. VERY family oriented
I'm Italian. Enough Said.

5. you would take a bullet for your dog
He is my only son!

6. pick half of your bread off of your sandwiches
I pick it off of Subs, Hamburgers, Sandwiches - I'm just not a bread person!

7. wouldn’t be alive without your planner
its good to be organized! I have a busy life!

8. you’re a faster drive then you think
I guess my speeding ticket I got last month would agree...

9. you’re a good cook
get it from my mom!

10. you kind of like Twilight and H.P.

11. good with kids
aww, thanks babe

12. Churascos is your favorite restaurant
wanna go tonight?

13. you LOVE your birthday WEEK and holidays
I'm glad you understand that I desrve a birthday week :)

14. you pretty much can remember everything I say
its a woman thing, and it can be both good or bad... at least you can't say I dont listen!

15. Karys is your world
being an Aunt is amazing!

16. you’re so beautiful and I love you
I love you too :)

Thanks Krystyn - this was my favorite Tag :)
If you want to do this Tag, go for it!


Stephanie said...

How fun...thanks Brian for playing along!

Krystyn said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It's fun to see what other people remember about us.

But, the first one, I read "soap" and then "wash" instead of "watch." And, I was thinking man 3 times...that's a lot. Mommy brain is killing me.

Cara said...

How sweet was that!? It's fun to have the guys play along for a blog post. :)

I'm a bread picker too, so I hardly ever order sandwiches. Kinda pointless when you don't really care for bread! :)

Stephanie said...

Those are pretty dang accurate! Way to go Brian. And he was all sweet too. Earning more points I see. Haha.

I will be posting mine tomorrow I think. Tim finally finished them.

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Adorable and fun. Your guy really knows you. Very sweet...I pick bread too, no worries there. I have even gone BUNless on burgers.

You seem like a wonderful AUNT! Karys is one lucky little gal.