Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just a week away - I hope everyone has a great one!
This is the latest picture of the kiddo's while they were at doggie daycare :)  
I will not be having my traditional Thanksgiving this year... instead we will be snowboarding in Whistler, Canada! It will be my first Thanksgiving away from my family :( I know I will miss the food, but I am looking forward to hitting the slopes!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome Sophie!!

There is so much I could catch up on, but all that will come in time (if I keep up my blog...)
Chris and I adopted the most precious little puppy... Meet Sophie :)
We started taking both of them to daycare once a week so they (Sophie) could burn some energy off! I absolutely love this daycare and they were somehow (amazingly) able to get both of them looking at the camera for this adorable picture!  
I really love that picture... it is not only my desktop background, but it is also now on my mouse pad at work :)

Our friends, Danny and Melissa, also adopted a little boy puppy a few weeks before us. His name is Captain, and they are best friends! We love getting the dogs together because we will do anything to get Sophie tired! haha
Getting a second dog was an adjustment for me... not because of the responsibility, but I was also not used to having a large dog and all that comes with it. She is a very messy eater and drinker, it hurts if she steps on your barefoot, and she loved to jump... but she has grown up so much since we have adopted her. She now can last all day without going to the bathroom (I finally get my lunch breaks back!), she has the best personality, she listens SO well, even at a park full of dogs, she gets along great with other people, dogs, kids, you name it! She is such a great addition and we love her to death.
We decided to do a DNA test on her, and we got the following results...
Basically she has a little bit of everything in her. She plays like a boxer, likes water like a lab, has a curly tail like a Basenji, has the ears and statute of a Staffy, and she is a very fast learner... She is a little over 40 lbs right now (8 months old), and we expect her to be around 45 lbs fully grown.
I could write a million posts about her and all our 'tests' that she put us through... but truth be told, she is so great now. even though she is a ball full of energy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

It Does A Body Good!

Because I signed up for the half, I had to start running more... I donate blood (when my iron levels allow me to) and they give you a summary of your health each time. I like comparing my levels, however I was SHOCKED to see what a difference running and working out made. I recently started working out with a personal trainer to teach me weights (I had only ever run before). I have proof right in front of my eyes of how much healthier my body is from running and working out. Talk about a motivator!

Here are my Cholesterol Levels:And here ares my Pulse Readings:Isn't that crazy how much they change? I know I have read all the articles and been told that it really is better for you, but I guess it really hit home when I SAW the results for my OWN body. This will keep me going to the gym!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 1 year anniversary! And I received this giant bouquet of flowers at my work today!!
Aren't they beautiful and so colorful?!? I love them!I can't wait for dinner tonight!
Happy One Year, Chris! I love you!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My First Half Marathon

I got another crazy idea in my head and thought running a half marathon would be so much fun - so naturally, I call my friend, Emily, because I know she is always on board with my crazy ideas... and true to form, she was just as excited as I was... The Houston Half is a lottery, so you have to apply to run... when I got this email, I thought maybe my crazy idea was a little too crazy... I won't lie, I kinda freaked out... but Emily and I started training!! It was tough for us to train together because of where we live, however we made it work! I am much better with a running partner, and we would chat the whole time so it made the time go by fast....
The night before, Chris started making a sign to cheer me on - of course, the engineer in him came out and he was measuring everything to make it even... The finished product: Here we are on our run!! See how happy we look? I love our matching bright pink shirts with our teal under shirts - how cute are we?!?! Chris and David were great and met us at a couple different points in our run.
My cousin snapped this picture as we were passing her! We had such a great support group from our friends and family - I cannot tell you how much that means and helps during an exhausting run like this! My cousin Philip jumped in and ran a couple miles with us as well. He was also giving the family updates on when to expect us to cross the finish line :)
And here we are after we finished!! We are so proud of those medals!!! We didn't set a time goal, just that we didn't want to walk - and we didn't!! We finished at 2:35, which puts us around an 11:40 pace. We were both very happy about that. YAY! I'm done!! I broke down and bought one of the professional photos from the run - I love it and figured I would want to keep it since it was my very first half... and yes, I am still smiling at the end (surely because I can see that finish line ahead of me!) Afterwards, we all went to El Tiempo for some WONDERFUL Mexican food - and I didn't feel one ounce of guilt :)
Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us! And thanks Em for going along with another crazy idea of mine!! You were a great running partner!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Call Me Betty Crocker!

My niece and nephew's birthday's are very close in dates. Karys was turning 5, and Blake was turning 2. They were having a joint birthday party that was Mario and Princess Themed. They both love the Mario games, and Karys of course loves Princess Peaches... I volunteered to make their cakes... before realizing how much work was going to be needed to pull of two great cakes...
I spent so much time on these cakes, and never would have finished if my little sister didn't come in Thursday night to help me out! So here are the finished products... I am VERY proud of the way they turned out!
Princess Peaches Cake: Mario Brothers Cake:
(front) (side)(back)(side)And here they were up for display next to each other! They cakes were a huge hit and tasted really good as well. I had never worked with fondant before, so this was quite the challenge.... I made practice cakes for 2 weeks before the party. I loved how much the kids loved them though - Blake would name all the characters and Karys liked that she had a crown :) I love those kids to the moon and back!
And thanks Ashley for all your help! Couldn't have done it without you!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching Up Part 4

My Little Sister FINALLY turned 21! This is at our first Happy Hour - I introduced her to Snake Bites and she loved them! I took Karys to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D with my little sister and my Aunt - how cute is she in those glasses?!?! While Chris was out of town, I decorated the toilet :) I absolutely love it! I smile every time I go to the bathroom now! We went with a group of my best friends to Keystone, Colorado. I tried to learn how to snowboard... I kinda got the hang of it... but I am in desperate need of more practice... it's tough! Valentine's Day!!!!!!
I was surprised with Fondue by the pool!! With this yummy menu! And if that wasn't enough.... I was spoiled a little more with tickets to see Ghost the Musical on our upcoming trip to London!!
And I think that's it for catching up! Now lets see how good I am with posting about the present!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching Up Part 3

Thanksgiving was hosted at my Mom's house this year - with my little sister and my Mom - my older sister was spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws. After Thanksgiving Lunch, Chris and I boarded a plane to London again!!! We visited Windsor Castle and absolutely loved it! And Windsor was awesome too! I bought a new car!! I am so in love with it! As part of my birthday gift, Chris surprised me with Texans Tickets!!! These were amazing seats! We had such a great time, that we splurged a little and bought season tickets!!! WOOHOO bring on the tailgating!! As usual, my Nana's Christmas Eve Party was a blast! With my two sisters and my Mom. Christmas Morning - My Mom gave me a Harry Potter Snuggie!!!! How cute is that?!?! Don't I look like I am ready to roam the halls at Hogwarts?!?! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching up Part 2

I Went to Savannah, Georgia for work - the weather wasn't all that great, but the city was really cool! I had a lot of fun!Chris and I decided to express our personalities in our Halloween Costumes.... naturally, I am an angel :) And he is a scary Devil...My Mom got a boyfriend!
I painted another pretty picture!! I love it when my friends have these birthday parties :)
And to most peoples surprise... Vito now sleeps in his OWN bed... and he actually loves it! He did great learning. He's so smart... and cute.... and sweet... well pretty much perfect! And of course Ren Fest! Filled with Turkey Legs, beer, the maze, King of the Log, etc...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Summary - Part 1

I wanted to give a quick summary of what has happened....
I saw Britney Spears! My Mom bought a new house! I saw Katy Perry!Chris and I hosted our first dinner party :) Chris and I went to Jamaica! And I became SCUBA certified! Chris has been for years...
My sister's and I took a bittersweet road trip to visit our Nana and Grandpa Lundy. So happy we went, however it was our last time to see our Nana... The trip meant SO much to all of us. We love you Nana! My Little sister got in an awful car accident - she was run off the road! Hearing her hysterical and so frightened is something I will never get out of my head - Thank goodness she came out completely unharmed!!! Part 2 will be coming up next week!